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Les Escales de Dior

Les Escales de Dior :

Dior launched a new exclusive collection of new fragrances named Les Escales de Dior (The Cruise Collection) in 2008, other fragrances joined the collection in 2009, 2010 and 2012.


"If you travel extensively you need special clothes which do not take up too much room, which don’t crease too much and which don’t weigh too much." Christian Dior

Christian Dior was fascinated by yachting, this casual yet refined Art of Living. He drew inspiration from it to design Collections for travel with simple, perfect cuts.

The Escales by Dior are their alter ego in Perfumery: simple and authentic elegance for an olfactory escapade. These light and luminous fragrances are developed from natural and exceptional Raw Materials, sourced exclusively in these destinations.

They offer a delicious sensation in which time seems to stand still... A beautiful getaway!


François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator for Dior, decided to reinterpret the classic and timeless freshness of a Cologne by giving it feminine accents.

The Escale fragrances are created from exceptional natural essences, rigorously sourced by our Perfumer in the Escale countries. These ingredients enhance and add new facets to the citrusy freshness of these scents.
Like the Couture Cruise Collections, Les Escales de Dior stand out with the purity and simplicity of their construction, paired with the use of the noblest materials.

An immediate fragrance, a getaway... True invitations for travel.


Dressed in the precious canework motif of the House of Dior, the bottle of these luminous fragrances is transparent and shimmering. 

The canework motif, emblematic of the House of Dior, is steeped in historic references. Fascinated by the 18th century, Christian Dior ordered a series of golden Napoleon III-style chairs with pale caning to seat the guests of the Haute Couture fashion shows in the reception rooms of the boutique on Avenue Montaigne. They would become the image of the Couture House. Christian Dior would use this motif many times.

This timeless motif symbolizes the elegance of both Dior and Les Escales de Dior Collection.


Never compromise quality, always pursue exceptional raw materials... This is the ultimate purpose of the Escales.

To uphold this goal, François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator for Dior, journeyed to the Escale destinations to select the ingredients necessary to develop these fragrances.

Travel becomes the main stake of creation. It represents a commitment. 
"When the House of Dior creates its fragrances, travel surpasses simple evocation: the sourcing of raw materials is also the ideal moment to discover new cultures and establish lasting and privileged relationships with local producers, who offer us the opportunity to use exceptional raw materials of exquisite quality."
François Demachy

Feminine fragrances:
  • 2008 Escale a Portofino
  • 2009 Escale a Pondichery
  • 2010 Escale Aux Marquises
Unisex fragrances:
  • 2012 Escale a Parati
Available in:
  • 2.5 oz eau de toilette
  • 4.25 oz eau de toilette

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